Healing through Awareness

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Saskia John

Naturopath and author

Dear visitors, welcome to my website!

I have been involved in consciousness research and healing for over 25 years. Since 2000 especially in the Healing of the Inner Child and with the question, how established patterns are recognized and sustainably transformed for ones own benefit and thus to authentically allow the expression of ones deepest essence. It is a path of truthfulness and love which leads to integration and healing through the inner confrontation with the shadows (repressed events eg from childhood). A path of light that sometimes leads through darkness first. My vocation is to accompany people on their path of healing – healing through awareness and awakening.

Because my ability to express myself in English is very low, I work primarily in German. The English pages of my website therefore only provide a rough overview of my person and my work and present my books published in English. If you want to know more about me, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will definitely find a way to communicate.

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Body, mind and soul

About my work

A human being consists of body, mind and soul, which are forming a unit and which are in harmony if they are interrelated. A disturbance in the communication between the three levels leads in my experience to internal tensions, which show in the body through symptoms.

In my work as a naturopath, which also includes psycho-therapeutic and spiritual support, I look at the topic of healing from an emotional-mental-spiritual perspective. The focus is on family constellation according to Hellinger, on the work with the Inner Child and on hypnotherapy. My seminar “Healing the Inner Child“ is about getting in contact with the Inner Child or, if this is already established, about strengthening the relationship between adult and Inner Child in a deepening way. This process of learning about yourself is a touching experience and it deliberately takes place in a small group.

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Healing methods on physical and energetic level

Healing methods on physical and energetic level

As a naturopath I am working in in the German-speaking area and via Skype or phone worldwide (though presently only in German). I am offering further treatments like acupuncture, neural therapy or fasting cures. Depending on purpose and need I am also combining different treatment modalities, e. g. with a therapeutic hypnosis, with the work with the Inner Child or with family constellation, to enable a deep healing on all three levels.

In the Depths of my Soul
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Systemic family constellation

Systemic family constellation

Systemic family constellation has an important role in my coaching and therapeutic work, since stress in relationships and bodily symptoms are interrelated. In a family constellation, unconscious backgrounds of problems, the inner structure and relational dynamics of a family are illuminated and put into context. In this way a deeper understanding can be established, a solution may become visible and changes more likely.

Capacity building

No matter if you are consulting me as a naturopath for the treatment of an acute or chronic disease or because of mental problems and are wishing to get psycho-therapeutic treatment or spiritual support, I see my service mainly in helping you to help yourself, e. g. through my seminars “Healing the Inner Child“ or “Family Constellation“. There is never a standard solution, since all people are different. What you get from me and how deeply you wish to look inside yourself for a solution depends on your will and your desire.