Dark Retreat Consciousness Experiment 2016

Retreat Into Darkness – A Path to Light: transformation field “darkness”

I feel drawn to my third dark retreat (= long term stay in complete darkness), that means, I will move into the transformative energy field „darkness“ for 4 weeks (June 27th – July 22nd) this summer and will immerse myself through meditation into deep levels of existence and thus use the period of fasting and darkness for a deepening of love and peace in my heart.

Even though inner processes are unpredictable, I sense, that it will above all be about higher levels of light. And I ask myself, how can this retreat – beyond the inner work for peace and healing – be of use for the world?

I spontaneously got the idea, that I want to offer other people the opportunity to participate in this transformative process.

What is needed therefor?

  • your wish to participate in this consciousness experiment – it is free for you, at least regarding money
  • openness to the possibility, that new things happen in your life
  • a true challenge in your life, which you REALLY want to face and solve – something truly difficult for you; where you haven’t been moving or have been stuck for weeks, months or even years, e. g.:
    • a heavy illness, fears or other health difficulties (or you know someone, who could use help but hasn’t the strength to ask for it)
    • wanting to quit smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs
    • relationship difficulties: in your family of origin, with your partner, with kids, in your job or with friends
    • concentration or learning blockages
    • wanting to let go of a stuck, „dead“ relationship, but you are afraid to do it, because you fear being alone and lonely
    • wanting to expand your company and to hire new employees, but you don’t find the „right“ people
    • selling your products more easily and with higher profit, but you are lacking the compelling idea, how to do it
    • pending change of job or profession, but you lack the courage to really do it
    • wanting to bring a project into the world, but you don’t know, what and how
    • thus all challenges offered by life …
  • only your name – please let me know by email by June 25h 2016, if you want to participate.

And what happens next?

Whoever wants to participate in this experiment of consciousness and healing may „hook up“ with the energy field during the 26 days, by daily (whenever there is time) connecting with the underlying spirit of the dark retreat (light, love) and by focussing for a few minutes (or longer) on the inner place, from where insights and the desired change can come into your life – knowing, that I’m intensely doing the same for all participants during this time.

You may ask for help or pray or simply focus your attention for several minutes on what you want to change – from your heart, lovingly, without demands or expectations.
For my part, I will include all participants in my meditations in my dark room into my current process (under the conditions listed below). This may have a big transformative effect, since we are all connected on the level of the soul. Figuratively speaking, I will not stand „alone“ in the light, but all participants will.


My offer is valid during the above mentioned period under the condition, that

a) my personal process allows it and

b) I am connected with the creating, healing energy of the higher levels of existence.

It is a contribution of mine to the world, which I love to give and whereat the giving doesn’t bind me in any way to you nor does it bind you in any way to me.

What practical effects can this have?

Many effects may occur, for instance:

  • you progress one or several steps in solving a challenge or a complete resolution happens or several blockages are dissolved at once
  • more awareness, zest for life and aliveness
  • inspiration on topics, you haven’t been thinking of before
  • you meet shadow areas in yourself, which then may or will be healed
  • you become aware of the origin of behavior patterns
  • you are enriched by a consciousness experience
  • or nothing at all happens …

I would like to get feedback from all participants at the end (this is a wish, not an obligation), for instance about: How was this period possibly different regarding perceptions and feelings (physical, emotional and mental) from your usual times of meditation? What happened and what didn’t; what got clarified or did you go through a deep hole or did you have deep spiritual enlightenment experiences yourself; what might you have understood about yourself and your life; did you find a solution, have ideas or did other things in your life get clarified, that you hadn’t thought of? Or several at a time, even though you focussed on one topic only?

* * *

Can you imagine to support this project in any way? It needs to be published, e. g. on websites, Facebook, Twitter, in a short video on YouTube and other channels. I could need support in this campaign of spreading the word.

With joyful anticipation of new experiences in my dark retreat