Saskia John


I was born in the year of the construction of the Wall in the former German Democratic Republic and grew up within the walls in a world of materialism, obedience, godlessness and a spirit of “doing as one is told”. My way was always preplanned and I wandered singlemindedly along the predetermined stages: high school, apprenticeship, college, university, marriage, children, career. Until the Fall of the Wall, I worked as a vet and the world was orderly, predictable and safe. I had never questioned this world and lived happily in a relationship within which four wonderful children were born and raised.

The Opening of the Wall became my personal and professional turning point. Due to our daughter´s dermatitis, which affected her since her 6th month of age and whose conventional medical treatment with ointments led only to temporary relief of symptoms, I started to intensely study hypnosis. I applied hypnosis to our now six year old daughter and was astonished, as it initially led to an enormous improvement and later to a complete healing of her skin condition. This was puzzling, since I was an inveterate materialist and traditional physician, and I started deepening my studies and turned more and more inward to find out, what is it that is healing.

Because of the birth of our twins six days after the Fall of the Wall in November 1989, I had a two years parental leave. Within these two years and in the wake of German reunification, the privatization and establishment of practices of vets took place, which I “missed” because of my leave. After the leave it made no sense to settle as a vet in an area, in which the agricultural production cooperatives had already mostly disappeared and where there was strong competition between the suddenly overabundant vets for the remaining “animal production units” (what a word!) and private pet owners. I got a job at the veterinary inspection office – a job that didn’t satisfy me at heart. I soon began to look for an alternative and found it in the profession of naturopath, due to my healing experience with hypnosis. In autumn of 1992 I passed the exam as a naturopath and started at the DGfAN a training in acupuncture and neural therapy. After completion in 1994, I opened a private practice as Registered German naturopath. In the first eight years, my pillars were acupuncture, neural therapy and hypnosis. Due to a television broadcast in 1998, in which I talked about hypnosis, my thriving practice experienced a flood of new patients, which brought me to the limits of my strength. “Bravely” I didn’t give up and worked
around the clock to look after the four children, to take care of house and garden, to be a wife and to manage the practice – not noticing that I myself fell by the wayside.

During this period a hunger “for the world” and all new things emerged in me. I started to attend seminars and in 2000 I met Gabriele Fröhlich, who accompanies me to this day on many levels: therapeutic, spiritual and as a friend. This meeting opened a new chapter in my life – the way to myself, which I followed, like a loud inner calling.

The theme of “The Wall” , which has accompanied me since birth, seems to be a major theme in my life – maybe that’s why I invest so much energy to drop inner walls and to expand my internal boundaries. All my actions are oriented towards the values of life, towards inner richness and sovereignty, towards humanity and unconditional love. I have a deep desire for freedom and awakening, which makes me do things, that not necessarily everybody does. Over many years, I explored through meditation, Tai Chi, self-awareness workshops, traveling, therapeutic sessions and two extended stays in absolute darkness the inner universe of my soul. Like that I acquired a treasure of deep experiential knowledge. Exploring the mental landscape was and is a learning process that is accompanied by inner letting go, growth processes and expansion of consciousness . My purification process was pretty painful – I had to face the difficult task of abandoning old certainties and to trust the unknown. At the same time I got an insight into the subtle universe and beyond that, into the workings of the human psyche and the interplay between body, mind and soul. This opened to me as a naturopath new possibilities of healing: I can see many things more clearly and in a wider context today.

During my stays in complete darkness (2003 and 2005) I was able to taste different depths of human existence. After that I experienced in many contacts, that on the one hand the idea of spending several days or even weeks in total darkness alone triggered deepest fears in my listeners, but on the other hand they had a very keen and active interest in learning more about it. Since I imagine, that my experience and knowledge could be inspiring, I have written a book about my experiences in the dark retreat. It was published in German by in July 2016 under the title “Grenzerfahrung Dunkelretreat“. It is available in English in a short version titled “Retreat Into Darkness – A Path To Light“ and as a long version under the title “In the Depths of my Soul – Experiences in Complete Darkness“ through all common outlets. For more information see the short video on YouTube (English subtitled – please click on subtitles).

My experience in the psycho-spiritual realm has given my work a new direction. I’m approaching the topic of healing for several years preferably from the mental–emotional-spiritual level, a way which I think is likely to play an increasingly important role in the 21st century because of the starting shift in consciousness. My focus is on family constellation, therapeutic hypnosis and on working with the inner child. The basis of my work are the psycho dynamic model “The Intelligent Heart”, my extensive knowledge base of many seminars, trainings, self exploration and my intuition, by which I let myself be guided moment by moment. I use the healing methods of the physical level (acupuncture, neural therapy, therapeutic fasting etc.) depending on purpose and need to accompany the bodily-mental-spiritual healing process. The aim is always harmony and the speaking of one language of three levels (body, mind, soul) and finally a profound healing on all levels.